I am back!!! July 11,2016

Over three years have passed yet I am getting involved with my book again! Much has happened in my life that has kept me from promoting my book.

My husband went into cardiac arrest three years ago this month. He never was able to come home. He lived in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities, as did I, by his side, only coming home to sleep when I felt he was comfortable. On February 4, 2016 God called Jerry home. I lost the love of my life and my life will never be the same. Though I am happy for him to be able to walk again and be out of pain, I am sad for myself.

In October, 2013, three months after Jerry’s cardiac arrest, we lost our son-in-law to cancer. He was Jacqualynn’s father, the co-author of my book.

In March, 2015 I had surgery due to cancer and spent two weeks in the hospital. I had only 2 pints of blood in me and was told by doctors that if one more day had passed, I would have left this earth. I didn’t heed warning signs, didn’t care about myself, and was focusing on Jerry. I am cancer-free without any treatments. God was good to me and excused my stupidity; He gave me a miracle. God continues to be my strength trough all my battles.

I mention these life struggles not for sympathy, but to say that bad things happen to good people. Life can be very tough for some and we don’t understand why. We just have to trust God and He will give us the strength to go through our valleys.

My book will be listed in the August/September issue of a magazine called, “Shelf Unbound”. This magazine reaches 125,000 readers in the U.S. and 75 countries around the world. I’m excited to see how this affects “East German Girl”. There will also be contests and awards, so keep tuned!

I will update my page often so readers and friends can stay informed. I also have a Facebook page.

Bis spaeter den!

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2 Responses to I am back!!! July 11,2016

  1. Charlotte Hardesty says:

    Hello, so good to hear from you. I am so sorry for the loss of your husband and son- on- law. So glad to hear you are well now! I am not sure if you remember me. I met you one day at my small ladies boutique in Linton, IN. You told me all about your experiences in East Germany, and I read your book. I now work at the Linton Public Library, ( where we do have your book). I would love it if you could come and do a small presentation and a book signing for a ladies group. Please let me know if this is something you might be able to do. I am sure they would love to meet you, and hear your story. Thank you so much. Please take care, Charlotte Hardesty

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  2. Hi Charlotte, yes I remember you well. I loved your shop and our talks, especially about your dad and Germany!
    I don’t mind coming to Linton, talking a little and signing my book. I will look at my calendar as I start therapy on my leg. I broke my foot and had to wear this heavy boot for two month. You can also look at dates that are good for you. Email me at sig.jackson@yahoo.com
    So nice to hear from you,

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